Saturday, May 7, 2011

The great teapot hunt continues...

I think I MAY have mentioned that I am hunting for the perfect teapot ever since my big one broke a few months back. I never liked Big Blue anyway, (hated it, actually, but it was a gift from my mom, and I would have kept it 'til the day it died... luckily its life was short) so it falling off of its handle was a godsend. But here's the thing; I can't decide what kind of teapot I want.

I already have one like this one, a Corning Ware 'Cornflower Blue' Six Cup Teapot, (This one is for sale apparently  - not by me: But mine has a metal lid, not the plastic one, so I'm thinking mine may be older. It was given to me by a friend, and I believe it was her late father's.

The problem with it is, while it says it is six cup, it is not truly six cup in the mug sense. Six teacups, maybe, but my guests usually drink from mugs, and it holds a scant two or three mugs. Sometimes I need a lot more tea than that.
My main character, Jaymie Leighton from 'A Deadly Grind' (Vintage Kitchen Mysteries Book 1 - May 2012) has a Brown Betty teapot that was her grandmother's. This Brown Betty image is from Mrs. Bridge's British Bakery online:

In the near future I'm going to do a blog on the fascinating history of the 'Brown Betty', the ultimate English teapot. But I don't really want a Brown Betty.

A china teapot then? Maybe, but they can get pricey. I was looking in a thrift shop the other day and saw a Sadler one that was not too bad, and a Meakin one I liked, but there were condition problems with both.

So, for you fellow tea drinkers out there, what kind of teapot do you use most? Do you like china, glass, pottery... what? I'm looking for advice, here... what makes the best pot of tea? My grandmother never washed her teapot, just rinsed it out. She was English, and her tea was strong enough to corrode a spoon. The build-up of the tannin in the bottom of the pot (the brown staining) is supposed to, some say, make a better tasting tea. True or false?

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The Expert Opinion on 'How to make a Perfect cup of Tea':


  1. Personally, for a good cup of tea I had a Brown Betty that my brother had, and I really liked the feel of that, but normally I would use china. My mom has a teapot that has teddy bears all over it.
    My grandmother (Dad's Mom) always said that if you couldn't stand a spoon up in your tea, it (the tea) wasn't strong enough! I do have a tea set coming to me that was a wedding present to my Grandma (Mom's Mom) in 1914 and it is china.

  2. How wonderful! 1914... I'd be afraid to even look at it, much less handle it, for fear it woud break!

    A Brown Betty is the choice of a lot of people, so much so that now they are making a modern version, which is apparently not as good.

    I am leaning toward china. Not literally.

  3. Hello Victoria! Great minds think alike! Thanks for telling me about this fabulous blogspot! It's wonderful!

  4. Hi Hannah... good to see you here!