Monday, November 14, 2011

Things I've learned lately...

1 - Back up your files... all off them!

My computer crashed recently, and though I had all of my document files (novels, etc) backed up on a flash drive, there are lots of things I've lost forever, or until my computer guru can try to get them off my old computer. I just hope I haven't lost any irreplaceable photos!

2 - Be careful on FaceBook.

On the weekend some skeez 'tagged' me in a pornish photo, and it showed up in my profile!! Because I rarely go online on Sunday - it is family day! - I didn't catch it until this morning. I have now learned how to use the account settings on FaceBook to keep that from EVER happening again! I am so embarrassed and disgusted by it. I'm afraid I may have lost some FaceBook friends who unfriended me! 

3 - Facebook is still a great place.

Several people messaged me about the photo, warning me that I may have been hacked because they knew it wasn't something I would put on there. I am humbly grateful for the support!

Thanks everyone.

With a brand new powerful, lightning fast computer, I will be back with new posts, as I move inexorably toward the May 2012 arrival of A Deadly Grind! I've seen the cover, and it is adorable!! As soon as I can share it, I will.

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