Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Author Interview!!

This is amazing... I have just finished my first manuscript for the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series, which will be published by Berkley Prime Crime. My due date was November 30th, and I made it... yay! Now I can heave a huge sigh of relief, and start to get nervous for the editor reading it, (nail biting time) which she won't be able to do until the new year.

I can also begin some of the fun stuff, like working on this blog! I have been buying up vintage cookbooks lately, and am going to share some recipes from them, and I want to photogrpah some of my vintage cookware, as well as the infamous (or soon to be infamous!) Hoosier cabinet that inspired Hoosier Dead Guy?, the working title for the first book in the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series.

The most fun I've had lately is this wonderful author interview with Dorothy Dreyer of We Do Write, a great blog dedicated to interviews of aspiring and new writers. She made the interview so much fun, and the photo illustrations are wonderful. I collect teacups, too, as well as vintage cookware, and I swear she snuck in to my cupboards and got a few of the teacups out for the stack she has illustrating the blog! Drop in and learn more about me, Vintage Kitchen Mysteries, and Hoosier Dead Guy?.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Everything old... new again!

My name is Victoria Hamilton, and I have a confession to make, well, actually two confessions. I kill people for a living, and I adore hunting for vintage cookware, especially vintage Pyrex, melamine, old utensils that I have to figure out the use of, and anything else cooking related. Old cookbooks! Vintage linens. I could go on and on, and probably will in the following months.

Oh, the killing part? That's only on paper, of course! I write a series of mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime called the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries! I'm terribly excited about it, thrilled to share my love of all things vintage and cozy murder mysteries.

If you have old recipes to share, photos of vintage cookware, or anything else of interest, drop me a line!

See you all soon!