Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blog Tour Alert!

For the next little while I will be doing a blog tour to support Bowled Over... I have had so much fun writing guest posts. Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who do so much to support writers! I may also spill a secret or two along the way, and stuff about my upcoming books!!

Also... check out the info at the bottom for a cool giveaway in conjunction with the tour!

So here's the schedule. Drop in, and if you have any questions, I'll be checking the blogs out throughout the days, so ask away!!

 April 29th - A Blue Million Books - Read a Q&A with me, but also with Jaymie! Find out what she wishes I'd let her do... wink, wink!
April 30th - Melina the Reader Did a fun little interview today... thanks so much, Melina!

May 1st - Bea’s Book Nook Bea has some awesome questions, a real in depth interview!

May 2nd - Book Of Secrets Interested in some of the characters from Vintage Kitchen Mysteries and their secrets? Check it out as I spill some!

May 3rd - Omnimystery What a fun Q&A this was to do! I got to talk about my writing process... or processes!! 
May 4th - Shelley Reads & Reviews
May 5th - Cozy Up with Kathy I had such fun at Kathy's blog! She asked great questions, such as WHY my Vintage Kitchen Mysteries are set where they are.
May 6th – Socrates Book Review A bit about setting in the cozy!
May 7th - A Year of Jubilee Reviews  Why vintage and why kitchen when it comes to collecting? Read on to find out. Second stop todayRead Your Writes Come on down to the Idea Factory and check out where a mystery writer gets her ideas!
May 8th – A Chick Who Reads Today read an excerpt, that moment when everything starts to go wrong for Jaymie in Bowled Over!
May 9th -  Off
May 10th – Books-N-Kisses Where I get to say what kind of pizza I like!

May 11th - Brooke Blogs  My top 9 vintage buys ever! &  Mochas, Mysteries & More A fun interview with Melissa!
May 12th - Chloe Gets a Clue Chloe chats with Jaymie about everything that's going on in Queensville, Michigan!
This tour was expertly organized by Cozy Mystery Marketing, and I can't believe what a fantastic job Bella and the gang do!! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Destroyed My Mom's Pot

It's true, I did it. I set fire to my Mom's pot and destroyed it.

Now, don't get excited... it was actually just before New Year's Eve twenty some odd years ago. I was putting the turkey carcass on the stove to boil for soup, as I always do. My niece was over and we were all getting ready for New Year's Rockin' Eve, but we needed some snacks, so we headed out to the store.

And I forgot that I had turned the pot up to high to get it boiling.

We came back to find that it had boiled dry in the meantime and the place was filled with smoke and I almost burned the place down. It sounds funny now, but I was scared and ashamed that I had been so careless.

And my mom's vintage Wearever Dutch oven pot was destroyed, with about three inches of burned crud stuck to the bottom. My mom took it away to try to get it clean, but it was a goner and she tossed it. I still have the rest of the set, now sixty years old or more and use it often, but man, I wish I hadn't destroyed my mom's pot! I have since found a similar one that I use as my soup pot now, but I will never EVER leave it on the stove when I go out!

Here is a fascinating site of great photos of Wearever products: