Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bowled Over - March 5th

It's been such a busy year, and I've neglected blogging, though I have certainly been present on Facebook enough.

But with Bowled Over coming out next Tuesday, March 5th, I thought I had better update a whole lot of things! I have had my website updated, and the links are up to pre-order Bowled Over! Readers may not know this, but you can help your favorite book series continue by ordering books in advance, or buying them during their first week of publication, as bestseller lists, etc., do help get contracts!

I know it can get expensive, especially considering how many great books are coming out on the same day, so I suppose as readers we need to prioritize! I do believe that the fact that A Deadly Grind became a national bestseller has helped with my next bit of news...

I have been contracted for two more Vintage Kitchen Mystery books! WooHoo!! So there will be books 4 & 5.

So now... in Bowled Over Jaymie comes face to face with a killer so devious, I hope you will be mystified until the reveal! Does that sound like I'm trying to be a magician, and hope to abracadabra, presto, surprise and amaze you with the denouement?? I guess I am. Just call me the Amazing Victoria! LOL!

For the record, here are the Amazon and B&N links for Bowled Over:


Barnes and Noble:

I'm making all kinds of blog appearances for the next few weeks. I'll update here as I get live links. Today,I am at Joyce and Jim Lavene's blog taking about romance in mysteries... are you for or against? Let me know!

See you soon!!