Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two blog day!!

Hey, all...

I'm in two places at once today...

This, of course, is my regular day at Killer Characters, but I have a wonderful secret to share about... well, check it out...

Killer Characters - Season Readings

And I'm at Dru's wonderful blog with A Day in the Life of Jaymie Leighton, and she is hosting a giveaway!

Day in the Life of... Jaymie Leighton

So come on over and check it out!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Freezer I'll Shoot Blog Tour

Hello, everyone! Fall has fallen, the Canadian turkeys have all been gobble, gobble, gobbled down, and I am looking forward to the release of Book 3 of the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries, Freezer I'll Shoot.

So I will be on blog tour from November 2nd, until... well, mid to later in November. There will be chances to win a prize package from Lori, at Great Escapes Blog Tours.

Here is the blog tour calendar so far!

The blog tour page is here:

November 2 – rantin’ ravin’ and reading – Review, Interview, Giveaway
November 3 – Cozy Up With Kathy – Review, Interview, Giveaway
November 4 – My Recent Favorite Books – Review, Giveaway
November 6 - Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book – Guest blog and Review
November 7 – The Bookwyrm’s Hoard – Review, Interview, Giveaway
November 8 – Queen of All She Reads – Review, Giveaway
November 9 – A Chick Who Reads – Review, Interview
Great Escapes Blog Tour Prize Package
November 10 – Kaisy Daisy’s Corner – Review, Giveaway
November 10 - Mystery Lovers Kitchen - NOT an official stop on the Great Escape Tour - EXTRA giveaway!!!
November 12 – Read Your Writes Book Reviews – Review, Giveaway
November 13 – Community Bookstop – Review, Giveaway
November 14 – StoreyBook Reviews – Review, Giveaway
November 15 – Mochas, Mysteries and More – Review, Giveaway

November 21 - A Day in the Life of Jaymie Leighton - Dru's Book Musings - Giveaway! (separate from the Blog tour giveaway!)

 So... I hope you'll join me, and I will update here when I have more information!Until then... have a fun fall!All the best,Victoria Hamilton

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fresh Fiction Today... check it out!

Hello, everyone!

It's almost autumn. Nights are getting noticeably chillier and the days are shorter. Canadians are already looking forward to Thanksgiving, which is the second Monday of October.

I am - with regret - winding down my blogging and promotion of Bran New Death. Why am I a little sad? This series is special to me because it is written in first person, like most of my favorite series to read. It was a dream of mine to write a mystery in first person, and with the character of Merry Wynter I have been able to do just that.

I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback, and can officially say that Bran New Death is a national bestseller. It made it to #3 on the Barnes & Noble mystery list, #35 among paperbacks overall.

So today is one of my very last blog stops for Bran New Death. I am at Fresh Fiction, writing about... how I juggle writing three series!

Funny story about this: on September 4th I got an automated email saying I needed to send in my Fresh Fiction guest blog entry for... wait for it... September 4th! I had messed up, I thought, a hideous idea to me because I am reasonably well organized and had them down for September 19th. I just hate making that kind of mistake because it means I let someone down.

I had a VERY busy day that day - company coming from out of town and cooking and cleaning still to do - but I sat down and dashed off a quick blog, and sent it to them with a million effusive apologies, hoping they'd still be able to do it. I checked back often over the day, thinking I had blown it big time.

The next morning I got a lovely email telling me I was right about my day being September 19th, and that it was just a little mix-up.

BIG sigh of relief.

I had a chance for a redo... I could rewrite my hastily written blog if I wanted. But when I reread the blog, I thought... I'm just going to let it stand. It expresses completely how fortunate I feel having three mystery series!

So here is the link, and I would love it if you would drop in an read about how I juggle three mystery series. BTW, it doesn't say much about HOW I do it, I realize, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Fresh Fiction - Bran New Death

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where in the World is Autumn Vale?

There are good points and bad points about creating a fictional universe, and one of the bad points is, no one is quite sure where the heck this fictional universe is, in the real world.

Well, here you go. Autumn Vale, New York, scene of much of Bran New Death, is a tiny, quirky little town about forty to forty-five minutes south of Batavia, New York. And if you're wondering where Batavia, New York, is, then I have spotted it on a map!

Hope this helps!!

Happy release day to myself and many of my Killer Character sisters!

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Bran New Death Tour Begins!

Bran New Death

I am so excited... I feel like I've been waiting for forever for this book to come out, and now it's finally here. To celebrate, Lori at Great Escapes has helped me put together a blog tour, 14 dates as well as a few more of my own doing. And it starts today!!!

But the great news for you all is the chance to win! Over all, I am giving away two prize packages consisting of a signed copy of Bran New Death (or another of my books, if you already have it!) plus a cute book tote that has the right message - Cozy up to a good mystery! - on it, and a pen with the same message!

Show your cozy pride with a pretty tote and pen! Here is the tour link:

So, here are the dates: please note that I am updating every day so these links will take you to my exact guest blog or review as it is posted!

August 30 - ChloeGets A Clue – A really fun interview!
August 31 - Brooke Blogs – Review & Guest Post
September 1 - Michelle'sRomantic Tangle – Review
September 2 - Cozy Up WithKathy – Review & Interview 
September 3 - StoreyBookReviews – Review
September 4 - Books-n-Kisses  - Review & Guest Post 
September 4 - Cozy Wednesday at Escape with Dollycas!
September 5 - Booklady'sBooknotes Review & Interview
September 6 - Melina's BookBlog  - Review & Guest Post
September 7 - Musings andRamblings – Interview
September 8 - A Chick WhoReads – Review
September 9 - readalot – Review
September 10 - Girl lost in abook - Review

And: Dru's Book Musings:
September 11 - Mochas,Mysteries and More  - Review & Guest Post
September 12 - My RecentFavorite books – Review
September 13 - Socrates' BookReview Blog – Review
And a couple of my own dates (not part of the giveaway tour)...
September 19th – Fresh Fiction AND Writerspace

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bran New Death Blog tour coming!!

I have been soooo super busy writing, but I do hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I've been enjoying the garden, and the roses are lovely this year!! Last year was a bad year for roses, but this summer is making up for it.

Anyway, I've been finishing up the writing of Book 2 of my Merry Muffin Mystery series, Muffin But Murder, just in time to do the blog tour for the release of Book 1 - Bran New Death.

I'm so excited! It starts August 30th, and I can't wait - I'll post all the dates and places as I get closer - and I also have one early stop at the wonderful Mystery Lover's Kitchen. I'll be posting my mom's recipe for Fresh Bran Muffin a Day!

I am so super excited and I hope hope hope Bran New Death does well.

Oh, BTW, my website has been updated with all the pre-order links for the book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

And then just two months later, November 5th, comes the third book of the Vintage Kitchen  Mysteries, Freezer I'll Shoot. I'll be doing a full book tour for that, too! I'm going to enjoy this autumn.

See you soon!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm a Fresh Pick!!!

Hey, today I am Fresh Fiction's 'Fresh Pick' - or at least Bowled Over is - and I'm so flattered!

 And in other news... here is the cover for Freezer I'll Shoot... visit Killer Characters today and comment for a chance to win books 1 and 2, and a tote and pen!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blog Tour Alert!

For the next little while I will be doing a blog tour to support Bowled Over... I have had so much fun writing guest posts. Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who do so much to support writers! I may also spill a secret or two along the way, and stuff about my upcoming books!!

Also... check out the info at the bottom for a cool giveaway in conjunction with the tour!

So here's the schedule. Drop in, and if you have any questions, I'll be checking the blogs out throughout the days, so ask away!!

 April 29th - A Blue Million Books - Read a Q&A with me, but also with Jaymie! Find out what she wishes I'd let her do... wink, wink!
April 30th - Melina the Reader Did a fun little interview today... thanks so much, Melina!

May 1st - Bea’s Book Nook Bea has some awesome questions, a real in depth interview!

May 2nd - Book Of Secrets Interested in some of the characters from Vintage Kitchen Mysteries and their secrets? Check it out as I spill some!

May 3rd - Omnimystery What a fun Q&A this was to do! I got to talk about my writing process... or processes!! 
May 4th - Shelley Reads & Reviews
May 5th - Cozy Up with Kathy I had such fun at Kathy's blog! She asked great questions, such as WHY my Vintage Kitchen Mysteries are set where they are.
May 6th – Socrates Book Review A bit about setting in the cozy!
May 7th - A Year of Jubilee Reviews  Why vintage and why kitchen when it comes to collecting? Read on to find out. Second stop todayRead Your Writes Come on down to the Idea Factory and check out where a mystery writer gets her ideas!
May 8th – A Chick Who Reads Today read an excerpt, that moment when everything starts to go wrong for Jaymie in Bowled Over!
May 9th -  Off
May 10th – Books-N-Kisses Where I get to say what kind of pizza I like!

May 11th - Brooke Blogs  My top 9 vintage buys ever! &  Mochas, Mysteries & More A fun interview with Melissa!
May 12th - Chloe Gets a Clue Chloe chats with Jaymie about everything that's going on in Queensville, Michigan!
This tour was expertly organized by Cozy Mystery Marketing, and I can't believe what a fantastic job Bella and the gang do!! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Destroyed My Mom's Pot

It's true, I did it. I set fire to my Mom's pot and destroyed it.

Now, don't get excited... it was actually just before New Year's Eve twenty some odd years ago. I was putting the turkey carcass on the stove to boil for soup, as I always do. My niece was over and we were all getting ready for New Year's Rockin' Eve, but we needed some snacks, so we headed out to the store.

And I forgot that I had turned the pot up to high to get it boiling.

We came back to find that it had boiled dry in the meantime and the place was filled with smoke and I almost burned the place down. It sounds funny now, but I was scared and ashamed that I had been so careless.

And my mom's vintage Wearever Dutch oven pot was destroyed, with about three inches of burned crud stuck to the bottom. My mom took it away to try to get it clean, but it was a goner and she tossed it. I still have the rest of the set, now sixty years old or more and use it often, but man, I wish I hadn't destroyed my mom's pot! I have since found a similar one that I use as my soup pot now, but I will never EVER leave it on the stove when I go out!

Here is a fascinating site of great photos of Wearever products:

Monday, March 18, 2013

And the winners are...

I haven't heard from the winners in my contest at Mystery Lovers Kitchen yet. If you commented to enter to win, check out the page to see if you're one of the lucky two!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Another chance to win Bowled Over...

Hey, all... today I am at Dru Ann's blog. Come on over and read a day in the life of Valetta Nibley, pharmacist, then comment for a chance to win a copy of Bowled Over!

BTW, so far the reviews have been so great!

Here are a few:

Michelle at Michelle's Romantic Tangle:

Laura Hinds at MyShelf:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm at Mystery Lovers Kitchen!

Today is the day I am featured at Mystery Lovers Kitchen. Drop in and comment, and you will be entered for a chance to win a copy of Bowled Over!

I also give you a wonderful recipe to use for your fmaily... cheap, easy and delicious Arroz Con Pollo, which is a fancy way of saying Spanish Rice and Chicken.

Thank you to the folks at Mystery Lovers Kitchen for having me!!

Victoria Hamilton at Mystery Lovers Kitchen

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bowled Over - March 5th

It's been such a busy year, and I've neglected blogging, though I have certainly been present on Facebook enough.

But with Bowled Over coming out next Tuesday, March 5th, I thought I had better update a whole lot of things! I have had my website updated, and the links are up to pre-order Bowled Over! Readers may not know this, but you can help your favorite book series continue by ordering books in advance, or buying them during their first week of publication, as bestseller lists, etc., do help get contracts!

I know it can get expensive, especially considering how many great books are coming out on the same day, so I suppose as readers we need to prioritize! I do believe that the fact that A Deadly Grind became a national bestseller has helped with my next bit of news...

I have been contracted for two more Vintage Kitchen Mystery books! WooHoo!! So there will be books 4 & 5.

So now... in Bowled Over Jaymie comes face to face with a killer so devious, I hope you will be mystified until the reveal! Does that sound like I'm trying to be a magician, and hope to abracadabra, presto, surprise and amaze you with the denouement?? I guess I am. Just call me the Amazing Victoria! LOL!

For the record, here are the Amazon and B&N links for Bowled Over:


Barnes and Noble:

I'm making all kinds of blog appearances for the next few weeks. I'll update here as I get live links. Today,I am at Joyce and Jim Lavene's blog taking about romance in mysteries... are you for or against? Let me know!

See you soon!!