Sunday, November 1, 2015

White Colander Crime Blog Tour

It's here... it's here! I'm so excited for the White Colander Crime Blog Tour, I can't even tell you. This is #5 of the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series, and I have to say,I have a soft spot for the series, since it was my very first.

So, I have a several special giveaways planned, and more in the works. Keep an eye on this post!

For now, here's where I'll be. I'll update each day with the proper link!

Monday, November 2nd:
Mystery Lovers Kitchen - Cookie recipe and giveaway... books, a book tote and more!
Cozy Up With Kathy Q&A - Book giveaway! White Colander Crime, Death of an English Muffin and more!

Tuesday, November 3rd - Release Day! Find me on Twitter for random giveaways!! I am @MysteryVictoria -

Wednesday, November 4th - Shelley's Reading Corner Trivia day! Book giveaway!

Thursday, November 5th - Read Your Writes  - Book Giveaway - White Colander Crime and No Mallets Intended!

November 12th - Lori's Reading Corner - Review and Giveaway!

November 29th Dru’s BookMusings – Day in  the Life of Jakob Muller - Giveaway! No Mallets Intended and White Colander Crime!

December 15th - Cinnamon and Sugar and a little bit of murder - Book giveaway!

December 21st - My day at Killer Characters and a SUPER giveaway for Season's Readings!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Death of an English Muffin Blog Schedule and Giveaways!

I'm excited that it is finally time for the release of Death of an English Muffin. I'm so very proud of it, and the early reviews are awesome! 
Open Book Society says, "Victoria Hamilton proves herself again as an amazingly master plotter and author of cozy mysteries with Death of an English Muffin.  " 
You can order in advance just by going to my website and finding the link of your choice under the books on the main page: Victoria Hamilton Mysteries
I'm giving away books, and even in some spots tote bags and special Wynter Castle Blend tea from Design a Tea.

July 3rdCozy up with KathyKathleen Kaminski – Q&A questions on opera.

SPECIAL giveaway: Death of an English Muffin, Shadow of a Spout, my very last Shadow of a Spout book tote, and 10 special Wynter Castle Blend teabags!

July 3rd - Lori’s Reading Corner - Guest Post, Book Giveaway
July 13th - Fresh Fiction - Guest Post
July 20th - Socrates’ Book Reviews - Review, Giveaway
July 21st - Killer Characters Giant Giveaway!
July 21st - Gotta Write Network - Guest Post
July 22nd - Marie’s Cozy Corner- Review, Guest Post, Giveaway
July 24th - Moonlight Rendezvous- Review, Giveaway

July 28th - Dru’s Book Musings- Day in the Life of Librarian Hannah Moore - Book Giveaway

I will update with each link as they come in, and perhaps add more reviews!
Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Giveaways galore!

Just a quick post to tell you... with Death of an English Muffin coming out July 7th, I have lots of guest posts and giveaways coming up.

I am at Shelley's Book Trivia giving away copies of Tempest in a Teapot, and Shadow of a Spout, as well as a book tote and pen!

Check it out!

Shelley's Book Case - Amanda Cooper Trivia Day!

TODAY... June 28th, I am at Mystery Lovers Kitchen with a muffin recipe and a massive giveaway including... well, lots of stuff, especially books! But also tea, ten special teabags from Design a Tea called Wynter Castle Blend.

Come on over and check it out... it is open to Canadian and US residents, just comment before midnight, June 30th.

Mystery Lovers' Kitchen

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gonna try this blogging thing more often...

So... I've been blogging on and off for years, right? I do once a month on Killer Characters, and do blog tours for every book that comes out.

But here? I haven't been so consistent.

To that end, I've been perusing blog topic blogs. Kind of odd, I suppose, but I'm never sure what readers will be interested in. So...

I'm throwing it out there... any questions you want answered or things you'd like to know? Ask away!??

Here's a neat post about blog ideas...

Some ideas...

1 - How Did I Get Here? - my road to publication.

2 - What In The World Is This? - weird kitchen gizmos I have known.

3 - Things NO Writer Wants To Hear - how not to upset the writers... shhhh, she's working! LOL.

4 - Best of the Worst - Rotten Reviews I Have Had.

5 - Aaaaand... what else??

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shadow of a Spout Blog Tour

Woo Hoo! I feel like celebrating. 

After a long winter, spring is finally here (even if there is still a mound of snow on my backyard) and so is the release date for Shadow of a Spout, Book 2 in the Teapot Collector Mysteries.

Shadow of a Spout Blog Tour*
(*Will be updated with live links.)

29th - MysteryLover’s Kitchen - Super Giveaway Package!


2nd - 6th - Four Foxes, One Hound - Q&A and TRIPLE Giveaway... kind of a different one! Contest open unitl April 9th... check it out!
Super Giveaway Package Example

5th - Lori’s Reading Corner- Guest Post, Giveaway

6th - A Cup of Tea and a Cozy Mystery – April 6th to 10th April - Q&A - Super Giveaway Package!

7th - Fresh Fiction - Guest Post 

10th - Books-n-Kisses - Review, Guest Post, Giveaway

13th - Dru’sBook Musings A Day in the Life of Thelma Mae Earnshaw - Giveaway of Signed book and Cozy up to a good mystery! tote bag!

13th - Cozy Up with Kathy - Q&A

13th - The Qwillery- Review, Guest Post, Giveaway

15th - Marie’s Cozy Corner- Review, Guest Post, Giveaway I never actually found this one to post!

16th - Charming Chelsey’s- Review - I didn't actually find this one either!

21st - A Cozy Girl Reads- Review, Giveaway

21st - My day at Killer Characters and a SUPER giveaway!! 

And... stay tuned! I may add more, I may do pop-up giveaways... you never do know!