Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gonna try this blogging thing more often...

So... I've been blogging on and off for years, right? I do once a month on Killer Characters, and do blog tours for every book that comes out.

But here? I haven't been so consistent.

To that end, I've been perusing blog topic blogs. Kind of odd, I suppose, but I'm never sure what readers will be interested in. So...

I'm throwing it out there... any questions you want answered or things you'd like to know? Ask away!??

Here's a neat post about blog ideas...

Some ideas...

1 - How Did I Get Here? - my road to publication.

2 - What In The World Is This? - weird kitchen gizmos I have known.

3 - Things NO Writer Wants To Hear - how not to upset the writers... shhhh, she's working! LOL.

4 - Best of the Worst - Rotten Reviews I Have Had.

5 - Aaaaand... what else??


  1. I like the "What in the world is this?" Or vintage recipies, cookbooks....a glimpse at what was happening in the kitchen in different decades...

  2. Good ideas. I definitely want to see a post about "weird kitchen gizmos"!