Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Gallery of Regrettable Food

I love vintage cookbooks, and when I'm surfing the web, I often go to blogs and sites of other people who love vintage cookbooks. I set out this morning in search of a particular type of vintage recipe for the completion of Book 3 of my Vintage Kitchen Mystery series. The book is tentatively entitled Picked for Murder, and my heroine, Jaymie Leighton, as usual, gets into a bit of a pickle.

So then I found this site, The Gallery of Regrettable Food.

I'm not going to say how I wandered onto this site, but once I did... be prepared. Some of these cookbooks are 'snorting coffee out your nose' funny, and some are just a little... scary. Especially click on the 'Meat Fisting At Home' link for some creepy food fun.


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