Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bottle O' Buttons

Have you read my May 1st release, A Deadly Grind, yet? Well, in it, among the junk Jaymie buys at an estate auction, is a box of sewing odds and sods with a bottle of buttons in it. (She has a reason... read the book to find out why she buys the box of sewing stuff!! LOL) Being the borderline hoarder that I am, I do have a big bottle of buttons, and this is it.

Some of the buttons are old, ones I've been hauling around for 25 years. Some are those pesky 'one of' buttons that come attached to a new sweater or blouse. What the heck are you supposed to do with those things? I never lose buttons, so long after the sweater or top has gone bye bye to the Goodwill or Sally Ann, I'm left with the randomness of odd buttons. I've got a virtual tidal wave of weird little buttons in tiny plastic bags with random bits of thread.

But my bottle o' buttons has come in useful at times. I make hand wipe cloths for my kitchen using half a tea towel and crochet cotton, and I always need a big button for it so it can hang on my cupboard drawer handle, right beneath the sink. My big bottle o' buttons has never failed me yet.

So... do any of you have a mason jar of buttons, or am I alone here?


  1. I could use a Mason jar of vintage buttons right now. I have a white linen blouse that's pretty but rather blah. I thought black buttons would liven it up. I'm on the hunt for some funky old ones.

  2. Ramona... you may be able to find some online, or at an antiques market!

  3. I havent read A Deadly Grind yet, but its on my list. =)

    My mother had a tin container that she kept buttons in..and I dont have one yet - but your photo inspires me. =)

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    1. Ah, a tin... vintage, perhaps? Do you use them for quilting sometimes?

  5. Oh Victoria,

    It scares me how much we are alike! I DO have a mason jar full of buttons and even more than that. Plus I save the new ones from clothes as well. I have started using them in my crafting, but I have YEARS to go before I would run out. . . LOL! I am glad I am not alone in this!

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Sometimes when I give the clothes away, I remember to fish out the little plastic baggie with the extra button and pin it to the garments... sometimes. LOL.

  6. I began reading A Deadly Grind yesterday (Monday) afternoon and essentially could not put it down until I finished it, leaving some household chores undone and only taking time out to see to my dog, a basenji who needs little attention but does want to be fed on time.
    I was intrigued by the sub title because I have been an avid collector of antique and vintage kitchen things for forty years or so. (When some of the things were not yet "vintage")
    As soon as I finished the book, I immediately wrote and posted a review on Amazon because I want others to read and enjoy this as much as I have.
    I really can't wait till the next in the series.
    I have tons of old buttons too, most are in a two-gallon pickle jar that acts as a door stop in my bedroom and the rest in a cabinet that has twenty-four small drawers that do not fit much else.
    I do have a blog where some of my collectibles are pictured as are a number of original family recipes.

    1. Thanks so much for posting your review on Amazon... that makes such a difference to an author. Those good reviews give folks confidence in the book and help sales, which in turn helps me keep writing the series!

      I know what you mean about having stuff from *before* it was considered vintage! LOL! Me too!

  7. I've got an old zinc mason jar full of buttons that we bought at an antique mall on our vacation last year -- just because the price was right and you can never have enough mason jars or buttons, right?

  8. I have a vintage thundermug filled with buttons. Everyone has a few but I inherited a jar filled by a great great aunt. Then I inherited more when my mother died. I had been accumulating buttons myself for forty years so I combined them into the potty. Every new sweater and blouse adds a little button baggy and like Victoria...never gets used. I am very fond of my collection but I wonder what will happen to them when it is my turn to go. No one else will cherish them for their uniqueness and age. Karen-Leigh